Breast Prostheses News

Are you ready to beat the heat? Many women experience uncomfortabe heat and perspiration behind their breast prosthesis so Amoena did something about it with Comfort+.

Women asked for breast forms that would bring ultimate comfort all day long and Ameona listened and decided it was time for a revolutionary change by introducing the first temperature equalising breast forms. How does it work? It absorbs, stores and releases.

Absorbs - The Comfort+ material is integrated into the back layer of the breast form and is made up of thousands of tiny microcapsules that act like little sponges to absorb body heat during rising body temperatures.

Stores - The Comfor+ microcapsules then store the heat they absorbed and keep it inside the breast form to maintain a constant temperature. The heat is stores until your body temperature lowers again.

Releases - When the body temperature lowers, the microcapsules release the stored heat from the breast form and back towards the body.