Encore Program


YWCA Encore in Queensland
The YWCA Encore program is an innovative and inspiring approach to recovery from breast cancer surgery. It is a gentle exercise program which meets the exercise and support needs of women after the trauma of their treatment in a nurturing and supportive environment.
A YWCA Encore program is for women of any age who have had breast cancer surgery at any time in their lives; a specifically designed exercise program to improve movement, flexibility and strength after breast cancer surgery relieving discomfort associated with surgery and treatment. It helps to reduce the potential risk of lymphoedema and can assist in the management of lymphoedema.
YWCA Encore is a service that compliments the mainstream treatment of breast cancer. The 8 week program (two hours per week) incorporates gentle floor and hydrotherapy exercises. The sessions also provide a time and a space for relaxation, information sharing and discussion amongst women who have been through similar experiences.
The benefits of the YWCA Encore program are widely recognised throughout the medical community; an increasing body of worldwide research is showing that physical activity is of both biological and psychological benefit for breast cancer survivors. Studies have shown that exercise programs for most cancer survivors in general can reduce anxiety and depression, improve mood, boost self esteem and reduce symptoms of fatigue.