Unused Breast Prostheses - Giving back to ladies in need

Ladies often change sizes by losing or gaining weight, this often means that a current breast prosthesis may not be the correct size after a certain period of time. If anyone has an unused breast prosthesis with some life left in it or knows of anyone who has and would like to donate it to ladies who could get use from them, please contact Breast Cancer Network Australia on 1800 500 258. They will take your details and tell you how to proceed from there. One of our mastectomy ladies recently had her 2nd mastectomy so opted to go for a smaller size, this left her with a spare prosthesis that still had a lot of wear left in it. She phoned Breast Cancer Network Australia and they are sending her a replied paid address to send the older breast form to, needless to say she was thrilled to help out and wanted more ladies to know. It's a great initiative to support.